Reality: matter (that originates) from its ruler

h₃rḗǵs (royal, ruler) + •reh₁ís (goods, matter) 

Reality is conditioned by a ruler, a founder

Every reality requires a someone to rule it. This doesn’t mean that every ruler rules over a given reality. The Ruler has to found his/her own reality. Because we are born into an already flowing reality that someone else created, it is an achievement to Found one’s own reality.

A reality can not create/found a ruler

A Ruler can found his/her own reality

What is required to create one’s own reality? What the universe does: Order. A way to order my universe from caos to matter that builds my own Reality. There is a way that is present alike in many areas of research like: quantum physics, philosophy, astrology, religion… It is also present through time across individuals that have transformed their lives and way we live. The founder of the E.D.I.P.O. school on Psychoanalysis, Jose L. Parise, has named this method Chancing: the 11 steps of magic.

The 11 steps follow an order from caos to one’s own reality. Each step requires one to consciously unify forces beyond one’s reach in order to achieve a new reality. The first five steps relate to one’s inner work and these drive what will occur in the next five steps which relate to outer work. These steps are:

1) Caos of the idea

When I decide to create my own reality, three elements are chaotically brought together: a Thing, an Image or Form, and a Definition. The chaos is to confuse all three as the result I think I want. 

2) Order of the word

I can only organize my universe with the words I say, by listening to what I say in what I say. The universe will bring forth what I say, it is up to me to be aware of what I invoke.

3) Danger of form

Once I’m conscious of my word I align my affections towards my invocation and move towards my goal. Even if I don’t know How I will reach my destination. The Form doesn’t dictate my journey.

4) The thing’s Oracle

Once I polarize my universe by moving towards my goal, signs (favorable or not) of the Thing I want will appear. The signs tell me where I’m going, never where I should go. I decide if I should adjust my direction. 

5) Magic of combat

If I move forward I will come in contact with the first signs of the Thing I want. It will be tempting to stay here or leave, but I will always decide to continue forth. This decision replicates in all areas of my life.  

6) Magic of energy

Energy is determined by the Psychic state, and energy determines the physical state. In steps 1-5 I configured my Psychic state, so I can activate my Energetic state in step 6.

7) Magic of chance

Now it’s not only signals. Now I’m in contact with sudden coincidences that by Chance cross my path. I learn and apply these new systems in order to be closer to my Result.  

8) Magic of negotiation

Upon applying what I learned from what Chance brought me, I will be faced with negotiating with order to move forward. The rule is to never attempt to change the other, but to leverage his direction towards my goal.

9) Magic of conclusion

I’m one step away from my goal. It is here that the most challenging obstacles will arise, those that I haven’t filtered out throughout my journey. I only take with me what I need to reach my goal.

10) Magic’s Magic

Reaching my goal requires that I inhabit it, leaving outside of its limits what is not harmonic with it. I now become the guardian of my own reality.

To create reality at Will requires 11 steps

Steps 1 – 5

Inner work to align ideas, speech and affections towards my goal.

Steps 6 – 10

Outer work where I learn what I need and filter out what I’m exceeding in.

The 11th step

My Fault by design present between steps, that I am required to use to my advantage.

A visual illustration of the Eleven Steps of Magic

1. It starts with an Idea
2. The word discovers where I’m going
3. The Universe creates alternative paths
4. When I continue a path signals to my Result
5. Keep going, beyond the signals
6. Now I generate an impulse 
7. Internalize what I receive by chance
8. Negotiate with others what I’ve learned
9. Vertical impulse, take only what I need
10. Reach and inhabit my result 

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