Founder: who sets the bottom

Verb (Latin) • fundare

I focus on strategy & tactics from the individual level.

Why: the individual is the causal unit of any organization.

How: true alignment across individual and organizational strategies,

What: An in-dividual Experience is an unbreakable one.

When the time comes to decide on one’s position in an organization one of the most common thoughts is “What’s in it for me?” While asking this is ok, it is a passive (and automatic) response that will take you as far as what someone else “puts in it for you”. There is another way: to come up with one’s individual Strategy because then it is not only about “What’s in it for me” but also about “What I put in it for me and for everyone else”.

To be the mindset of a Founder of a product, service, process, experience… ensures that I enter the situation with a Result I co-create along the way. Now that’s a useful strategy! A pro-active one! This reflects what The Founder’s Experience is about: I found my own strategy, I found my own tactics, found my own reality. 

This focus on being present through one’s own strategy is reflected on The Founder’s Experience logo. It is the apostrophe that denotes ownership or possession because because a Founder is who first sets an in-dividual Strategy that can not be divided. This happens when as a Founder I own my Strategy, my Tactics, my Reality.

About me:

Experience   ::   9 years of Global strategy implementation on: marketing, finance and management.

Focus   ::   Management, Psychoanalysis, Design.