I created a system where everything and anything contributes to my Result because I experience strategy from the individual level

I benefit from everything around me when my Result connects what I Impact, what I Do and what I Assume

These are the elements that make an individual strategy in-dividual.

Why it works

HI there, I’m Eli and I have something of value to say. I have achieved the position I want in a place where I didn’t have advantages due to my name, schools I studied or the previous organizations I’ve worked with. I accomplish this because I found a way to differentiate myself while contributing to the organizational goals: with my own individual strategy. Throughout my journey I overcame three miss-conceptions:

Strategy is for the organization 

Strategy is also individual

At the individual level strategy considers what I do, what I impact & what I assume.

Top management wins first

Win-Win equals synchronization

When I connect individual and organizational goals, one cause generates both effects.

A founder owns a business

A founder owns an experience

A Founder owns an experience when what happens outside is a reflection of what is achieved inside.

What I offer

With the Founder’s Experience you decide what to do in any situation so that the outcome benefits both your result and the organizational goals at the same time. While owning one’s individual strategy is in itself a great accomplishment, it is incomplete unless we consider also the Tactics and the combination of Strategy & Tactics which is one’s own Reality. Strategy requires a System, Tactics a Map and Reality a Method. I currently offer coaching sessions and conferences 

Found My Strategy

Design my individual strategy that converts any situation into a win.

Found My Tactics

A Map to discover the correct tactic  to un-stuck any situation.

Found My Reality

A Method to create and Inhabit one’s own reality at will.

Instead of only asking “What’s in it for me”, also ask “What will I put in it for me and everyone else”

– Eli Saad  | TF’sX


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